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Our Next Meeting: 12th July, 2022

Motorcyclists on the A422 and noise nuisance

5th August 2020

The parish council is aware of the concerns expressed by many local residents about the antisocial behaviour on the part of some motorcyclists on the A422. We have lived for years with the sounds of bikers, particularly at weekends but this year it has seemed to be worse than ever. Whether that is because we have been spending more time outside in our gardens due to being at home during lockdown or because there are more bikes is difficult to say.

We have raised the issue with the police, the Road Safety Team, the Crime Commissioner, our local politicians and Worcestershire Regulatory Services. We have also worked with the other local parish councils along the A422. They have also raised the same concerns.

West Mercia have instigated extra patrols on the road and will be monitoring the situation in the coming weeks and months but they have been very candid about what they can do. It is very difficult to catch a motorcycle in a speed trap or camera because by law they only have to have a number plate on the rear. Unless the police take pursuit there is no way to identify the bike in a satisfactory way. The law concerning the noise levels is very complicated but the considered opinion from the law enforcement agencies is that there is no realistic way of enforcing any sound limits on vehicles, especially motorbikes.

This leaves us and the authorities in a difficult position and until there is a change in the law to bring motorbikes into a regulatory framework there is little that can be done.

The parish council is continuing to research and discuss the issue and may mount a petition to highlight the concerns the community has. Please bear with us while we formulate our proposals and we look forward to your support in the near future. If you have any suggestions, please contact the parish council clerk by email.

Please be assured that this is not a moan about all motorcyclists. Those that drive within the speed limits and emit sensible exhaust noises are not an issue. It is those that use the road as a racetrack and have tampered with the exhaust pipe baffles that are our concern.

The parish council is also in the process of drawing up a Highways and Transport Policy for the parish which will include a variety of issues from public transport availability, safe roads for horses, cycles and pedestrians and speed control. A draft report will be posted soon.